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'Minnie&Lou' Eco Gift Stationery

Minnie&Lou's range of bright and colourful greeting cards and gift tags are eco friendly, made in Melbourne Australia from the original hand painted watercolour & ink illustrations of our founder and artist, Jacinta Payne.  Birthday cards, thank you cards, baby cards, we have something to suit any occasion.

Professionally printed on 100% recycled card stock, our greeting cards come with either an FSC Certified envelope or a 100% recycled envelope. (We're in the process of switching all our future envelopes to 100% recycled, made in Australia entirely from post consumer waste paper by 'Ecocern')

All our packaging is either made from recycled materials, or reused from previous deliveries.  We use genuine cellophane (which is compostable) or recycled tissue paper. We buy postage envelopes that are made from recycled paper, and we also have a stash of (as-new condition) 2nd hand envelopes we've been collecting at clear-out sales, op shops etc which we're using too. We're passionate about trying to do our bit for the planet!

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