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Welcome to the studio of Minnie&Lou and Jacinta Payne Art!

 Celebrating inspiration and 'joie de vivre'!

 Fresh and modern original art and prints, as well as gift stationery,
and bespoke bunting, all made in Melbourne Australia.

Environmentally friendly practices are of utmost importance to us.  
Our fine art prints are produced on high quality acid-free watercolour paper, made from post-consumer cotton-rag.  
Archival pigment inks are used for colour-faithful longevity.  
Greeting cards and gift tags printed on 100% recycled card stock. 
Our bunting is made using up-cycled denim, hand cut and hand painted, made to order.

We hope you enjoy browsing our collections.  
Thanks for visiting, have a beautiful day! xx

About Jacinta Payne 
Art has been a constant passion throughout the various phases of my life. It runs in my family, and through my veins. I’ve done painting and drawing ever since I can remember, but have only recently realised that it’s what I have to do, every day that I can. So now I hope to share some of the beauty of this world as seen through my eyes and expressed through my art. 
I am intrinsically inspired by nature, and have a passion for colour. I see colour combinations nearly every time I close my eyes. Just before I drift off to sleep I’ll often see a picture in my mind’s eye of a pattern, shape or colour combination (or all three) and I have to get up and sketch it or make a note about it, or I can’t sleep. That then becomes the inspiration for my next painting or series of paintings.

My aim when creating art is to reflect the many horizons, vistas and micro-climates of this beautiful earth, to give a modern and abstract twist to an everyday vision.

My process: I like to use vivid colours to make exaggerated versions of the colour combinations seen in nature. My paintings are made up of many layers and can take days or weeks to complete. I usually have a few paintings in progress at once and move from one to another on any given day. I never usually know if I am going to finish a painting during a particular session, I just know all of a sudden that it needs no more, and is finished.
Inspiration: Growing up in the Southern Highlands of NSW, on the edge of Morton National Park, I have always felt a strong connection with nature and the Australian bush. I feel very lucky to again live surrounded by the Australian bush, now in Victoria. This connection is uplifting for me and gives me great inspiration to immerse myself in the paints and canvas.

I've always loved to draw, particularly portraits, buildings, flowers and abstract patterns, as well as large abstract paintings, big and colourful. Sometimes representational of horizons, landscapes or nature, and always experimenting with colour mixing and placing. I like to use many different utensils and techniques until I achieve the desired effect.

Background: I have been surrounded by art my whole life. In my early years my tuition and inspiration began with instruction from my father (a Landscape/seascape/still life Artist) and my brother (Australian Bird & Wildlife Artist) and so began an ever evolving journey that has led me to finally pursue my art dream.