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'Let It Rain' abstract painting on canvas

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'Let It Rain' ; a piece I painted for the #artforbales fund-raising event in August 2018. 100% of the proceeds were donated to Buyabale / RuralAid, a charity to help our drought stricken farmers in Australia. This piece sold in under an hour from the time it was listed on Instagram. Follow the hashtag #artforbales if you would like to see art from over 150 artists involved in this fundraiser. 

An original piece of art, in grey and white, with a touch of Pthalo green and the tiniest hint of Rose Pink. Painted using artist quality acrylic paint. This piece was painted on an upcycled canvas. I love to reuse and recycle, so if I find a suitable canvas in an op shop, I will paint over it, thus giving it another life, keeping with my ethos to tread as lightly as I can on our beautiful earth.

Dimensions : 300mm x 420mm.

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