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'Minnie&Lou' Eco friendly aromatherapy wheat bags

Be one of the first to own the latest offering from Minnie&Lou - and just in time for winter here in Australia! Introducing our small batch, handcrafted aromatherapy wheat bags!

Smelling divine with the option of lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils, our wheat packs have been handmade from upcycled fabric sourced from local op shops. The fabric is freshly laundered before any snipping and sewing begins.

With an inner bag and a removable cover that can be washed, your heat bag will keep fresh and beautiful for years to come.

We buy only the best quality food grade bio-dynamic wheat from our local bulk foods store. We use 100% pure essential oils from Thursday Plantation and Bostitos, both Australian companies that do not test on animals. 

Our bags are denim on one side with a colourful, pretty fabric on the other. Always cotton; sometimes from a pretty table cloth, a doona cover, a sundress or a shirt.

And because the fabric is upcycled, our designs are extremely limited. Sometimes we can only get one or two bags from a particular fabric, so if you see one you love, you might need to snap it up!

Free postage within Australia.

X Large
Longer and narrower than our standard large packs, designed to drape around the shoulders. 

Rectangular shape, perfect for across the lower back, tummy, or just to snuggle up with. 

The perfect size to place over the eyes, warm or cool, whichever you prefer to relieve headaches. I find cool is best for your stock standard headache but warm really helps with migraines for me personally. We keep a few of these in the freezer and a couple in the linen closet ready to heat - that way we're covered for all situations.